Tips to Selecting a Home Basketball Goal

Ten Things to consider in selecting a home basketball goal followed by our picks for Goals! 1.    Where will you be playing? Outside or Inside? What is your climate and space available? Specially built court, slab, driveway, parking area, home gym? On Concrete, Asphalt, Wood Flooring, Brick or Stone? 2. When you miss a … Continued

Do You Play Better in Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords?

Do You Play Better in Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords?  You might if you are Michael Jordan. In case you missed all the recent excitement at shopping malls where hundreds of people tried to buy a pair of the 180 available Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords shoes, here is a video clip: It is … Continued

How to Get Strong Basketball Legs

It’s not the right shoes, it’s the right legs – Basketball Legs We spend a lot of time looking at shoes for the various sports we enjoy, often sacrificing stability, support and endurance for color, popularity and style.   While the best shoes are built for protection, support, stability and endurance, it is how we strengthen … Continued

Winning Is An Outcome, Not a Strategy

Winning is for Losers? Too much emphasis on winning almost always results in its opposite…losing.  While winning is an outcome, the strategy for winning must be based on the factors that support a team’s success:  teamwork, having fun, good sportsmanship, fair play, integrity and more teamwork.  When Coaches and Teams focus only on winning, they may … Continued

Basketball Training Should Be More Fun Than Work

Basketball Training = Fun and Enjoyment You can look around the Internet and find a volume of information about how to train young players and develop them into great athletes. For example, “Long Term Athlete Development, LTAD, is a model created by Dr. Istvan Balyi to guide the athletic development process from pre-puberty through retirement. … Continued

Name Our Mascot – Win Cool Stuff

To enter the Contest just submit a comment to this post with your suggested name.  The following names will not be considered:  Fido, RinTinTin, Lassie, Bowser, Spot, Pokey, SuperDog, Pluto, Wonder Dog, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Shaggy Dog, White Fang, Lady or Tramp. Good Luck!   Only one entry allowed per each email.   [formidable id=14]

“Mom and Dad, I want to learn how to play basketball.”

What do parents think when their 41 inch tall first grader comes into the house and proclaims “I wanna play basketball?” Are the parents intuitive enough to hear “I want to learn how to play basketball?”   Do they simply smile and say “That’s nice dear…go ahead but come in later for dinner?”   Do they smirk … Continued

Coaching Basketball Tournaments

Coaching Basketball Tournaments Is Different Than Practice While one receives great satisfaction while coaching basketball drills, camps, skills sessions, etc., nothing is quite as fun as coaching basketball teams in a tournament. Basketball Coaching Starts With Conditioning Good coaches know that the best players are usually the ones in the best condition, who have taken … Continued

Basketball Coaching Programs – Five Tips For Selection

Five Tips for Parents When Choosing Basketball Coaching Choosing basketball coaching for your children can be challenging and difficult but Coach Charlie Miller gives 5 tips for choosing a basketball coaching program;  goals, experience, plans, costs and likeability. 1.  Basketball Coaching Goals & Expectations Identify what you and your child are expecting from basketball coaching? … Continued

Youth Basketball Camps Teach Kids How to Play Basketball

Rural America – Youth Basketball Camps – Where are you? Many youth, growing up in rural communities and small towns do not have access to youth basketball camps and may not have an opportunity to learn how to play basketball until they are in Middle School. Compared to youth in metropolitan areas like Dallas, where … Continued