Youth Basketball Camps Teach Kids How to Play Basketball

Rural America – Youth Basketball Camps – Where are you?

Boy practicing basketball skills aloneMany youth, growing up in rural communities and small towns do not have access to youth basketball camps and may not have an opportunity to learn how to play basketball until they are in Middle School. Compared to youth in metropolitan areas like Dallas, where kids can start learning at kindergarten age, they are at a disadvantage. The 6-8 year delay in building important basketball skills directly effects their abilities to compete for college scholarships or hopes of ever entering the professional arena. ATTACK Basketball Academy provides a variety of basketball camps, youth basketball programs and leagues to not only teach kids as young as kindergarten how to play basketball, but gives them many options to continue to develop and hone their basketball skills through High School.

Our mission is to “Coach players to succeed in the game of basketball and life” because we believe many of the same skills in learning how to play basketball and to become a good basketball player are transferrable skills for living a successful life. Many of our skills are also now available on our internet channel on YouTube discussed further down this page.

Basketball Play Enhances Brain Growth

There is another key benefit of learning how to play basketball at an early age that impacts youth and is proven by scientific research. According to an article in Nature in 2004, when you learn any new skill the amount of gray matter in certain regions of the brain grows to provide literally “more brain power” to accommodate those skills. When you stop practicing or using those skills, that gray matter gradually diminishes and goes away which has led to the “use it or lose it” concept that is the basis of brain health today. Doctors now encourage people to keep their brains active throughout life to prevent the onset of many brain issues leading to decreased thinking abilities; learning and developing new skills is one of the best ways to do this.

Therefore, players in ATTACK basketball camps, skills sessions and year-round basketball leagues are actually helping to grow their brains and stay healthy thinkers which in turn may help them do better in other school subjects. Of course, the value of exercise, teamwork and coordination pays off anyway in youth physical development and good health.

Youth Basketball Camps & Skills Over the Internet

With the capabilities of the internet, even kids in rural communities or small towns without youth basketball camps can now tap into a variety of learning methods available over their computer and phone lines or through wireless hotspots. We are always adding more basketball skills videos to our YouTube Channel website to teach people how to play and the fundamental skills involved. Of course, folks within driving distance of Dallas can always sign up for a single skills session or a youth basketball mini-camp and tie it in with a visit to Dallas for shopping or other cultural enjoyments. Check out our Calendar for Skill Sessions or just give us a call.

Meredith Mayak Miller 214-223-7865 or Coach Charlie Miller: 512-588-2139