Coach Charlie’s Corner: 4 Benefits of Youth Basketball Practice

When you have kids that enlist in our basketball training camp, they’ll learn the ins and outs of playing the sport. But in order to be successful, they’ll need to practice more than they play. We all know the saying that practice makes perfect, however, what’s really crucial is they way you practice. As we teach these skills in youth basketball, kids will start to see the benefits below and then some!

#1: You have more control over your actions.

The first time kids dribble the ball or make a free throw at basketball camps, it can be awkward and is usually not very successful. And this is a result of not having control over your actions (yet!). However, as kids practice and develop stronger basketball skills, they’ll find that they have more control over their actions and they’ll start to see more success.

#2: You rewire your brain to coordinate your activities.

The longer kids are on basketball teams, the more coordinated they get – as long as they take time to practice. Basketball clinics will help rewire your brain to enhance speed and refine techniques, and practices will take your abilities to the next level. Basketball camps in Carrollton, TX will lay the foundation and continue to improve skills, but paired with a diligent practice routine, and the sky is the limit.

#3: Mistakes are spotted and corrected easier.

If you noticed at basketball summer camp that every few times you shoot a free throw, the ball hits slightly to the right of the basket, then you have something to work with. However, if you don’t make this repetitive motion, you may never notice that the ball moves to the right because of the way you break your wrists. By practicing at home and during kid’s basketball camp, you’ll spot those areas that you have trouble with and know what to work on.

#4: You’ll get a refresher for skills learned in the past.

If your kids only enlist in basketball spring camp, then they’ll want to continually refresh their skills by taking the time to practice during the rest of the year. You can also look for basketball camps near me to find a year round program for them to attend or check into some online resource to help them keep their current skills intact. Follow the motto, “practice 5 times as much as you play,” and you’ll find success and improvement every day.