5 Surefire Reasons to Jump Higher in Basketball

The ability to jump higher than your peers is a must-have skill you must possess in order to be considered an elite basketball player.  While court skills are important, being able to jump high causes you to be a real threat.  Here are 5 reasons why you want to jump high:

1.Play in the Air.



A lot of actions, especially critical ones during games happen when the ball is in the air. On offense, that can mean tipping a missed shot attempt into the basket instead of bringing the ball back down and then jumping to score.  On defense, that can mean snatching or blocking a shot in midair, creating a momentum booster for your team. And, of course, let’s not forget about the all-time favorite finish everyone talks about…the ability to dunk the ball with authority.  

2. Be an Elite Rebounder.



Rebounding is a will skill.  That means that player must possess the will and desire to become a relentless boarder on offense and defense.  Take my word for it, being able to outjump opponents supports being a willing rebounder. When boxing out on defense, many players “ball watch” instead of making contact with offensive players to secure the rebound. In these situations, if you are a high jumper, you have the advantage of securing the rebound in the air. Being an elite rebounder offensively can mean turning an errant shot into a high percentage as you can keep the play alive with a close finish. Being an elite defensive rebounder can mean keeping your opponent to one shot with no chance of offensive rebounding attempts.  That is what I would call a rebounding edge.

3. Make it Difficult to Block Your Shots.



How can you block Kevin Durant’s shot?  How about his finish at the rim? Let’s say this together, “Hardly ever!”  Not only is he 7’0 tall, he jumps higher than your average NBA player on his jump shots and finishes. When KD goes to the basket with a clear path, it’s what I call a confrontational finish as he is going to dunk on anyone that stands in his way.    

4. Draw More Fouls.



As you improve your athleticism, you’ll become very creative at making players foul you more often. Eventually, this will get to a point where no one player will be able to guard you.  It will take a total team effort. At this point, you can focus all of your attention on offense, opening you up to become a willing passer that will generate offense for your teammates. They will love you for this and will reciprocate to get you the ball when a score is needed, as you will be seen as the go-to player.

5. Receive Increased Playing Time.



I bring this point up a lot.  Somehow, everything comes back to either more playing time or quality playing time.  Let’s face it, being able to jump higher has it benefits and you will be a featured player because of the way you’ll influence the game.  Let’s review, jumping higher helps you: in the air, on the perimeter, on the boards and on defense. The only thing we left off is passing. Now teammates can find you for the alley-oop or put the ball in areas only you can jump to get.  From a defensive passing perspective, you’ll be more disruptive, finding ways to create deflections and tipped balls.

In conclusion, jumping higher will make you a force to reckoned with in all areas of the game. Master this skill and you’ll be able to give your team a greater opportunity to win lots of games.