In order to become an exceptional basketball player, you must develop your mind, body, and spirit. Most coaches spend 90% of their time developing the body, 10% developing the mind, and completely ignore the spirit.  This is a huge miss, which is why most players are left feeling confused and remain average.  In order to take both your game and your life to the next-level, you must know how to take the next step on your journey. If you ask your coach the specifics of how you can improve, and he/she tells you to “figure it out,” you need to find a new coach as this means either you are not a priority for them or they don’t know. Either way, not good.  

Since most coaches fall into this category, you must develop self-discipline around the three areas of mind, body, and spirit. To discipline your mind, you must study. This can include film study, reading personal development books, journaling, and having an accountability partner. Click HERE to see an example of an accountability document. To discipline your body, you must train. This includes strength training, agility training, basketball training, resting, and eating properly. Click HERE to visit our Facebook page for ideas of training drills. To discipline your spirit, you must have faith and belief in yourself. This means that no matter what others say, you have an unshakable belief of who you are. You can tap into the unlimited power inside you at any time to bring about stillness and peace and feel calm amid any storm. This is what allows you to “win,” not just in the temporary space of the basketball court, but in any endeavor in your life. This is the serenity that allows you to take risks, knowing the outcome will either be better than expected or a lesson to learn, bringing something better.   

So, please take the time to invest in yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to?