BeLIEving In Yourself Usually Starts With an Exceptional Lie

When we start anything we have to lie to ourselves about the level at which we are.  At the beginning of each basketball camp I lead, I ask the players how they are doing. Most of them will just stare or say ok. I may get a couple of goods.  And then I ask them how they expect to play at an exceptional level when they step on the court if that’s what they are verbally affirming to themselves. I am usually met with slightly confused stares. So I explain that this is where the lie comes in. We must tell ourselves that we are exceptional, preferably aloud, whether we feel that way or not. Facing the day with confidence and an attitude of success starts with what we tell ourselves and others. In order to accomplish this, we must change our peak states:

Focus –This is your perception of reality. So, whatever you focus on is what you will manifest. For example, if a player focuses on a mistake they made in a game before coming to camp, their outcome will be much different than the player focused on being grateful for the learning opportunity of the camp.

Physiology – This is where we have to be aware of our body language. As much as we want to believe that others cannot read our mental state by our behavior, this is usually not the case. This is why high fives, smiles, and pats on the shoulder among teammates go a long way.

Pattern of Language – This is when we have to ask ourselves what tape we have playing on loop in our head. What we at ATTACK Basketball have learned is that it’s not about stopping the thoughts, it’s about modifying them to be more positive and inspirational.

At each camp I lead, it is my goal to create an environment to allow each player to change their peak states. If I can do that, I consider the camp to be exceptional.