I’ve Got The Ball and Someone Is Guarding Me. Now What?

Many times in life when we become wrapped up in those “big moments” and get so overwhelmed by thinking of all the possible outcomes, we end up doing nothing. I see this on the court all the time…players freeze when it comes to making decisions on the court. This usually stems from the fact that … Continued

Spice Up Your Year-Round Training

Did you know that, in order to become an exceptional player, your training regimen must change with the seasons? If you are training the same way during basketball season as you are in the Summer, you are missing the boat. Read an excerpt from our book, My Attack Planner on how to train for each … Continued

Stretching Your Mind and Your Game

As humans, we naturally want to discover newer, better, more fun ways of doing things. We want our minds to stay engaged in what we are doing and allow our creativity to flow. Basketball is no different. I have found that in basketball, while there are 3 ways to practice: Block, Random, and Interleave, only … Continued

Use Combo Dribbles To Take Advantage Of Your Defender

Combo dribbles are a way to stun and take advantage of your defender’s balance, positioning, and intent. This dribble move itself is a combination of any two dribbles, for example a pound dribble and a crossover dribble. There is no right or wrong combination but stick with the dribbles with which you are comfortable. It … Continued

Directional Jump Shots

Directional jump shots teach players how to shoot the ball, no matter what direction they are moving. I am not just talking about driving to the basket to shoot, I am referring to using sidesteps and stepbacks to elude defenders and take open shots. At ATTACK Basketball, we teach players how to execute 3 moves … Continued

Skate Dribbles with Application

Skate dribbling is most commonly used when a ball handler comes off a ball screen and can’t turn the corner past the defender. The other usual application is when the ball handler attacks the basket and their defender stops them. In both cases, the skate dribble buys the offensive player time to make their next … Continued

4 Strong Gap Finishes Against Help-Side Defenders

How many times in a game are you driving to finish in the gap and you pull back with a retreat dribble? Probably more than you want to count. You are not alone; most players find themselves in the same situation as they were never taught how to finish strong. Here are 4 ways to … Continued


In order to become an exceptional basketball player, you must develop your mind, body, and spirit. Most coaches spend 90% of their time developing the body, 10% developing the mind, and completely ignore the spirit.  This is a huge miss, which is why most players are left feeling confused and remain average.  In order to take both your game and your life … Continued