The Self-Interview

Nothing is more important to your basketball training than developing your mind “set.”  In order to ready your mind for your journey, you must determine what you are willing to commit to in order to achieve your goal.  Committing to your goal means there are some things you will have to give up in order … Continued

Be Your Inner Coach

One of the messages I strive to get through to all my players is that they need to learn to be their own Inner Coach. What exactly do I mean? What I am referring to is that they should rely on internal inspiration as opposed to external motivation. Why? Because external motivation is transient. What … Continued

What’s Poise Got To Do With It?

Basketball is an action-packed game.  If you’ve ever heard someone describe a D1 college or NBA basketball game, the first thing people normally discuss is the size of the players and how quick the game is played.  There’s no denying it, we’re talking about the best of the best athletes in the sport running, jumping … Continued

5 Surefire Reasons to Jump Higher in Basketball

The ability to jump higher than your peers is a must-have skill you must possess in order to be considered an elite basketball player.  While court skills are important, being able to jump high causes you to be a real threat.  Here are 5 reasons why you want to jump high: 1.Play in the Air. … Continued

3 Mental Mistakes and Best Practices to Overcome Them

How can a team lose a game of basketball before the tip-off?  They think it. Typically there’s two schools of thought that happen before a game, a desire to win or a fear of losing.  The latter mindset is more common than many will admit. When an opposing team has a better record, taller players, … Continued

Who Is “I”?

Who is “I”? This is a loaded question and many times the answer depends on the perspective of the person that day, their circumstances, and environment. How the person answers also depends on what area of their life they think the question applies to…wife, accountant, maid, volunteer, board member. The theme throughout all of these … Continued

How to Earn Quality Time on the Court

Why has non-game activity become a global phenomenon? Why do you train so hard? Is it because all of your friends are doing it? NO. Is it because your parents want you to? NO. The reason you put in the sweat equity is to get quality playing time in EVERY game you play. So what … Continued

Why The Smalls on the Court Need to Know How to Play Big

Post play is not just for forwards and post players anymore, just like perimeter play is not just for guards. The game of basketball has evolved. The game now demands players to stretch their skills to accommodate all positions. It is not unfathomable to see the tallest players on the team play the guard positions. In the … Continued

Pick, Slip, Scorer (PS2)

Great scorers all have one thing in common…they set great picks. Especially ones that play off the basketball. So how do you set a great pick? When you “head-hunt” to make legal contact with an opponent that delays them from reaching their desired position. So how does setting a great pick allow you to score? … Continued