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HalfCourt Edge, Powered by ATTACK Basketball Academy

Do you want to participate in a style of play where your child will actually develop and get to play a LOT?

HalfCourt Edge, powered by ATTACK Basketball Academy is announcing the launch of a revolutionary concept that is not only fun and exciting, but a great tool for developing specialized and tactical skills for young players.
What are we proposing?  Just another league to join?  NO!!!
After extensive research and study over the past 2.5 years, we have determined that the best course of action to develop a complete basketball player lies in smaller numbers.  Less IS more!  So we developed…

The 3v3 Invitational

Our sole focus for this league is to help players develop in a proven, fast-paced, and fun learning environment. We believe this is the formula for creating a complete player. With our curriculum in place, we are preparing players to be productive in ANY club or school team environment.

Our end goal is to increase basketball awareness, or basketball IQ. We do this through Purposeful Touches (PT) on offense and Involved Defensive Plays (IDP) on defense. The 3v3 format promotes close to TWICE as much activity in PT (play making ability with or without the basketball) and IDP (defending an opponent with or without the ball) than 5-on-5 play.



Upcoming Invitationals

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