HalfCourt Edge FAQs

1.  What’s the name of the series?

The name is 3v3 Invitational…it is one of the offerings from HalfCourt Edge


2.  What’s the max number of players on a team?

Teams can have a max of 5 players.


3.  What’s the format of the invitational?  The format will consist of the following:

15 minutes – Role Call/Seminar

5 minutes – Warm Up/ Stretch

20 minutes – Micro-Skill Work/3v3 movement

5 minutes – Teams prep for games

55 minutes – Rounds 1 and 2 (Each team plays two games in (2) 10 minute halves).  The 1st half has a running clock and in the 2nd half, the clock stops in the last 1.5 minutes of the game.

5 minutes – Wrap up

2 hours – Total time


4.  Are coaches allowed? How are you monitoring progress?

Outside coaches will NOT be allowed to coach teams. With play at the 5-on-5 level so structured with coaches and parents, we want to give the players an opportunity to learn autonomy and “coach” themselves.  This will be with the support of a well qualified, professional coach overseeing play on both sides.

During the Micro-Skill Work/3v3 Movement Session, all players will get direction on the types of actions to explore and implement during their team play. During halftime and at the end of the games, both teams will get instructional evaluations allowing them to “address and adjust” in real time. This strategy is used all the time at the collegiate and professional level. This will create an awareness to compete on every play, utilizing what works for your team and reducing what may not.


5.  How are playing minutes compared to 5-on-5 play?

Typical 5-on-5 play format:

(2) 12 minute halves = 24 minutes per game

Number of spots on the court at one time (5) X 24 minutes = 120 minutes

Average number of players on Rec/Club team: 9

120 minutes / 9 players =13.3 minutes

The average player plays up to 13.3 minutes per game, IF all minutes are distributed equally


Our 3v3 Format

(2) 10 minute halves = 20 minutes per game

Number of spots on the court at one time (3) X 20 minutes  = 60 minutes

Average number of players in 3v3: 5

60 minutes / 5 players = 12 minutes

The average player plays up to 12 minutes per game


So what is the big deal? In our 3v3, players will play two games in one night! Meaning that the average player now plays up to 24 minutes!

To give you an idea of the significance of this, the amount of time a player will play in 6 weeks in HalfCourt Edge could take 12 weeks or more in the traditional format. We have created a true learning environment without sacrificing the quality of teaching needed for players to develop soundly in basketball.


6.  Is there a shot clock?

Yes…we will have a 24 second shot clock (the same as what is instituted in the NBA).  This will enhance the level of offensive play, as each possession has a countdown.  This creates purposeful movements on offense, promoting a shot attempt.   


7.  How much does this cost? Is there a cost breakdown?

The cost is $825.00 per team. The breakdown is as follows:

$825 / 5 players is $165.00 per player

A season (12 hours) will yield 6-hours of skill/team concept work and 12 Micro-Skill games

This breaks down to just $13.75 per hour…a well planned and thought out investment!!