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We know that your schedule is busy, and you can’t train with your personal basketball coach in-person every single day. That’s why we developed our own Virtual Training System.

The Virtual Training System is a 10-week course designed to train you mentally and physically in basketball. After 30+ years of playing and coaching basketball, Coach Charlie has discovered the most effective way for each player to become their own “inner coach.” We designed this course after analyzing the praises and challenges we heard from thousands of parents whose children participated in our camps, teams, skills sessions, and custom workouts. The common thread we heard the most was that players were not able to translate the skills they learned during practice in games.

Our Virtual Training System addresses this. It guides you step by step how to overcome the mental obstacles that are blocking you from achieving your goals. Once the mental side is addressed, we move on to the physical training side, which contrary to popular belief, is actually the easier part to master. The next-level physical drills we provide, if practiced as recommended, will bring out the exceptional basketball player in you. The course is comprised of 5 classes per week (2 mental conditioning and 3 basketball conditioning). Each class consists of an audio presentation, supporting files and videos, and finally, a test to ensure proper comprehension.


Basketball Training Videos

The basketball videos in the Virtual Training System are designed to enhance your child’s abilities when they are at home and eager to learn more skills. Online basketball training is wonderful to pair with in-person training and clinics, and it gives you the opportunity to focus on the areas you personally want to improve, but may not have the opportunity to do in a group setting. Each video details the proper footwork and techniques to ensure you are performing the drill correctly and getting the most out of the training. We know that everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways, and we enjoy giving you the opportunity to grow your skills at home. Plus, you won’t be constrained by time but will be able to enjoy viewing the online videos at you and your child’s convenience. This will also give you as parents a better understanding of what your kids should focus on so you can help them practice at home.


$149 for the 10-week curriculum

Basketball Options Nearby

If you still find yourself searching for basketball training near me, then take the time to reach out to ATTACK Basketball Academy. Our coaches are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for kids to gain self-esteem and enhance their skills on and off the court.
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