NEXTSTEP Basketball Life Coaching sessions are LIVE, REMOTE coaching sessions designed to provide a tailored curriculum for players ten years and older who are interested in increasing their mental, emotional, and basketball IQ to propel their basketball game to the NEXTSTEP.

We designed these private sessions after years of players and parents approaching us and asking for advice on the best way to communicate with their coach, how to deal with dissention amongst their teammates, how to increase their playing time, how to transfer their individual skills to game settings, and so much more. We realized the common denominator that addresses all these struggles is development of a player’s soft skills. These are the skills that allow the player to recognize patterns, respond optimally, and adapt to their environment. THESE are the skills that NEXTSTEP Coaching helps the player discover and develop. And eventually, they become so embedded, that they are a part of the player.

Benefits of NEXTSTEP Basketball Life Coaching:

·   Establish and take action toward not simply achieving but becoming your aspirations.

·    Increase your readiness and performance in practices and games through organization, boundary setting, planning, and
creating habits.

·     Gain more awareness and understand how to respond with poise and confidence in various practice, game, and life situations, increasing your feelings of empowerment.

·      Contribute and assertively communicate more effectively with your teammates and coach, major factors in gaining favor with your coach and increased minutes.

·        Identify how to quickly transfer and apply your individual basketball skills to game situations.

We guarantee results because we follow a specific model:

1. SPECIFY – First, we explore and specify the aspirations that light a fire within the player. Most coaches will call this goal setting. We specifically use the word aspiration as we tie the goal to the aspiring identity of the player. Infusing your aspirations into your identity allows you to design tiny habits and reach loftier outcomes without all the pressure of “go big or go home”. The tiny habits behavior design allows for adjustments along the way and celebrations at each milestone. Specific aspirations equal confident actions!

2. DESIGN- After identifying the specific aspirations of the player, we design a comprehensive step-by-step, actionable plan for the player to follow with our guidance every step of the way. We use the scientific concept of implementing simple, tiny habits, allowing us to create a staircase with guiderails which leads directly to the player’s aspirations.  The program is designed in this manner to keep moving forward, regardless of the player’s motivation, factor in the detours of life, increase the probability of taking action, and ultimately create new, more productive routines. Tiny habits design the steps to a brighter future!

3. TRACK – Finally, we track incremental progress with our Consistent Success Formula.  Preparation + Perform (P2) + Recovery + Repeat (R2) = Consistent Success. Each player will keep a daily journal which will include details on their morning, pre-practice, practice, game, nighttime routines, and more. Studying and breaking down this information with the coach will allow us to discover any tweaks that are necessary for the success of the program. This will also allow the player to feel the success of their daily incremental progress and celebrate it. Tracking progress equals consistent results!

Pricing & Commitment

We require a commitment of a minimum of 8 sessions. Each session is 1-hour. Please note that in order to receive the discounted per-session pricing, all fees must be paid in advance.

All sessions are conducted over a secure Zoom platform.

Email to schedule your sessions today!