Prep School


Fall 2011: 75% of the kids who worked out with us made their School team.


Your child can increase their chances of making their school team by attending our ATTACK Prep School. We have the track record, so don’t get left behind!  Only the first TEN people who contact us will get a spot.


This class is designed for 6th-12th grade boys and girls who want to increase their chances of making their Middle or High School team.


We will teach them the advanced skills necessary to give them an edge.  They will also be given tips on how to separate themselves from their competition when it comes to tryouts. The Prep School is for serious players only who are ready for rigorous conditioning when it comes to skills and scrimmaging.


Keep in mind that your child will compete against 80+ kids for a spot on the A, B or C school team.  Why not give them the best chance to achieve their basketball goals?


October 2 – November 6

Tuesdays 4:30-5:45pm

Park Cities Baptist Church    3933 Northwest Hwy.  Dallas, TX  75225

$180 for all 6 sessions


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