If I could Shoot Like Chuck…

Learn the secrets of the pros at the

Shooting Clinic

Accuracy, Distance & Effectiveness

Our clinic will give you the techniques and drills that will immediately improve your accuracy, range, and quickness in shooting. We teach what it will take to make you a great shooter and scorer. Remember, there are only slight differences between a good shooter and a great shooter. Good shooters shoot to shoot and great shooters shoot to make!

Beginners and Advanced Players

Our techniques and drills make it easy for us to help the beginner as well as the advanced player.  We break down shooting from the ground up, giving the player the foundation needed to be an effective shooter.

October 18 – November 8

Thursdays 6:15-7:15pm

Holy Cross Lutheran Church    11425 Marsh Ln.  Dallas, TX  75229

$120 for all 4 sessions


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