Timeless Creation

Have you ever been “in the zone”?  This is a term that means being so absorbed in doing something that time seems to stand still. When we are in this mental and physical zone, our thoughts and actions come effortlessly; we can’t do anything wrong because we are in sync with the energy from our heart, the universe, and the people around us. This is what life is all about…finding something that puts us in this zone and then using what we practice to propel others forward on their journeys.

Since being “in the zone” has become a commonplace phrase, I believe some of its meaning gets lost. When we hear something too much, our minds tend to glaze over instead of appreciating the brilliance of the idea. Therefore, I am creating a new term for this state of being: Timeless Creation. Timeless because when we are in this state of being, time is irrelevant. Also, because if we find an activity through which we can channel the fiery passion that resides in all of us, we can exist in that state forever. And the best part is that when we live our lives in that raw, joyous, authentic state, we give others permission to do the same. This is where the Creation part comes in. We are creating a more joyous world. Not only are we creating our own future, we are creating a positive energy that radiates to the people we come into contact with. Think about that! Due to social media, the ability to travel all over the world, and our normal daily ventures, we have the potential to affect lots of people.    

So how do we tap into this state? The first step is to develop patience. Having the patience to listen to our inner passion is like planting the seed for a flower. Without this step, no growth will occur because there is nothing to cultivate. It also takes patience to develop passion. Just because we discover what we are passionate about does not mean we will immediately be a maven. Taking the flower analogy, this is the time we spend watering and ensuring proper sun exposure. Outwardly, it doesn’t appear that anything is happening, but what is not seen is the seed opening and the roots growing underneath the soil.

This is where poise comes into play. Now that we have paid attention to our inner fire and built a solid foundation, we use poise to master our skill. Our actions look effortless to others because we have used poise to master our minds, and therefore our actions. This is when we see the beautiful flower spring from the soil.

Voila…Timeless Creation.