Individual Basketball Training

These basketball training sessions are designed to provide a tailored curriculum for players from 9 years of age and older.  Exceptions to the age limit will be made ONLY if the child has a very high basketball acumen and the physical skills to match.

Benefits of Individual Training:

  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches autonomy (how to organize a personal workout)
  • Undivided attention from the coach
  • More tailored curriculum

The curriculum may focus on ball handling, shooting fundamentals, passing, rebounding, offensive & defensive moves, agility, cross-training and much more.

We schedule one 1-hour initial session to ensure that our coach and you/your child are a good fit and that you/your child is serious about his/her training regimen.  This 1-hour session will be comprised of the following:

  • 45 minutes – Workout concentrating on the curriculum mentioned above
  • 15 minutes – Interview where the coach speaks with you/your child with NO parent present

The point of the interview:

  • The more mentally prepared our players are during their workouts, they create successful habits that they can translate into their games
  • The interview will focus on their current basketball IQ, their basketball goals and why THEY want to do personal training

The initial session is $75.

After the first session, you will receive a detailed written evaluation via email and a recommendation from the coach regarding a plan of action for the player.

If you choose to continue, we HIGHLY recommend for you to sign up for at least 12 additional sessions (to increase chances of success).  If you request Head Coach Charlie, we REQUIRE a commitment of at least 12 sessions.  This is due to his playing experience and his track record with training players.  He LOVES developing players and wants to work with players who will take this training as seriously as he does.

All pricing below is based upon purchase of at least (12) 1-hour sessions.  Please add $10 to each per session price point if you choose to commit to a package of less than 12 sessions.

Pricing for All Coaches

Pay Per Session Package of 6 Sessions Package of 12 Sessions
Individual Workout Session $75 PER SESSION $420 ($70 PER SESSION) $780 ($65 PER SESSION)

In order to receive the discounted pricing for the 6 and 12 session packages, all fees MUST be paid up front.