If your life looks anything like ours, your weeks are packed to the brim with school, practice, life and much more. With homework, housework, family time and everything in between, making time for another appointment is next to impossible.

That’s why we created our Virtual Training System (VTS).

The number one question we hear from our athletes is “How do I find time to work on my game?” This is usually followed by “How can I train when I’m on the court by myself?”

Well, our VTS does just that. This program is designed to help you create your own training regimen around your schedule. It is an all-in-one system that enables you to overcome the biggest (and most common) obstacles to growth as an athlete.

The ATTACK Basketball Academy Virtual Basketball Training System is a ten-week course designed to train you both mentally and physically. After more than thirty years of playing and coaching basketball, Head Coach Charlie has discovered the most effective way for each player to become their own “inner coach.”

This system was designed from feedback from the thousands of parents whose children working with ABA in our camps, teams, skill sessions and custom workouts. The loudest request we heard was for players to have a way to work on their skills at home so that they could translate what they learned in practices and coaching sessions to their games.

With our VTS, athletes can put in just two more hours per week (from home!) to become exceptional players.

Over the course of the ten weeks, we’ll provide your student with five classes per week – two focused on mental conditioning and three created around physical basketball drills. Our goal is to work through the mental blocks that keep players from achieving their goals as we master the physical skills necessary to excel at basketball.

Each class consists of an audio presentation with both videos and supporting files to support all learning styles – and a test to ensure your student fully comprehends the materials.


The cost for our ten-week virtual basketball training program is $49.

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