Virtual Training System

We get it. We know you are busy. Your weekends are filled with games, family functions and your weekdays are filled with homework, practice, and spending time with friends. Ugh…it’s so stressful! Again, we get it! The most common question we hear from players and parents alike is, “How do I find the time to work on my game?” And the follow-up is,  “How do I train when I get on the court by myself?” That’s why we developed our own Virtual Training System. To help you create your own training regimen around your schedule. This all-in-one system allows you to overcome the common obstacles to your growth. Putting in just an extra 2 hours per week, using this system will make you an exceptional player.

The Virtual Training System is a 10-week course designed to train you mentally and physically in basketball. After 30+ years of playing and coaching basketball, Coach Charlie has discovered the most effective way for each player to become their own “inner coach.” We designed this course after analyzing the praises and challenges we heard from thousands of parents whose children participated in our camps, teams, skills sessions, and custom workouts. The common thread we heard the most was that players were not able to translate the skills they learned during practice in games.

Our Virtual Training System addresses this. It guides you step by step how to overcome the mental obstacles that are blocking you from achieving your goals. Once the mental side is addressed, we move on to the physical training side, which contrary to popular belief, is actually the easier part to master. The next-level physical drills we provide, if practiced as recommended, will bring out the exceptional basketball player in you. The course is comprised of 5 classes per week (2 mental conditioning and 3 basketball conditioning). Each class consists of an audio presentation, supporting files and videos, and finally, a test to ensure proper comprehension.


$49 for the 10-week curriculum

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